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Names and Meanings. Browse Names by Name Meaning

Names and Meanings. Browse Names by Name Meaning

The range of possible names and meanings currently used in the world is enormous. A name meaning can refer to an object (e.g., Alon "oak" in Hebrew), a desirable characteristic (e.g., Hakim "wise" in Arabic), an occupation (e.g., Miller or Mason in English), or a place (e.g., Paris or Brittany). In this section, you can find names by meaning. Browse through the name meanings to find a name with a specific meaning (for instance, love, strength or happiness). Related meanings are also shown. All names and meanings are arranged in alphabetical order.

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Names and Meanings

All personal names have meanings. Even brand new names invented by creative parents mean something to the parents and the child. Most names, however, have more conventional, widely accepted meanings. Whether personal names and meanings are widely understood and play a role in everyday life varies from culture to culture.

In some places, names are embodiments of a person's spirit and are very powerful. Within these cultures, name meaning is an important aspect of a person, and it can influence the way society perceives someone. In other places, meanings of names aren't as well known, so they shape their owner's experiences on a more personal level.