A Dictionary of Names with Name Meanings and Name Origins
A Dictionary of Names. Name Meanings & Name Origins

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Male names starting with Aa, Ab and Ac

Displaying male names starting with Aa, Ab and Ac in alphabetical order. For more details, such as name meanings, name origins, related forms, or famous bearers, please click on one of the names.

Aa-Ac| Ad-Af| Ag-Aj| Ak-Am
An-Ap| Aq-As| At-Aw| Ax-Az

Name Origin
Aadolf Old High German
Aali Arabic
Aapeli Akkadian or Hebrew
Aapo Hebrew
Aarão Egyptian or Hebrew
Aaren Egyptian or Hebrew
Aaro Egyptian or Hebrew
Aaron Egyptian or Hebrew
Aarón Egyptian or Hebrew
Aart Old High German
Aatami Hebrew
Aatto Old High German
Aatu Old High German
Abbey Hebrew; Various
Abbie Hebrew; Various
Abby Hebrew; Various
Abbot Aramaic and English
Abbott Aramaic
Abdala Arabic
Abdalah Arabic
Abdalla Arabic
Abdallah Arabic
Abd Allah Arabic
Abd-Allah Arabic
Abdela Arabic
Abdelah Arabic
Abdella Arabic
Abdellah Arabic
Abdila Arabic
Abdilah Arabic
Abdilla Arabic
Abdillah Arabic
Abdola Arabic
Abdolah Arabic
Abdolla Arabic
Abdollah Arabic
Abdoola Arabic
Abdoolah Arabic
Abdoolla Arabic
Abdoollah Arabic
Abdoula Arabic
Abdoulah Arabic
Abdoulla Arabic
Abdoullah Arabic
Abdualla Arabic
Abdula Arabic
Abdulah Arabic
Abdulla Arabic
Abdullah Arabic
Abdullahi Arabic
Abe Hebrew; Aramaic
Abel Akkadian or Hebrew
Ábel Akkadian or Hebrew
Abele Akkadian or Hebrew
Abelard Old High German
Abélard Old High German
Abelardo Old High German
Abell Akkadian or Hebrew
Abelson Akkadian or Hebrew
Abi Hebrew; Various; Hebrew; Turkish
Abiah Hebrew
Abijah Hebrew
Abiola Yoruba
Able Akkadian or Hebrew
Abner Hebrew
Abraão Hebrew
Abraham Hebrew
Abrahamo Hebrew
Abrahan Hebrew
Abrahán Hebrew
Abram Hebrew
Abramo Hebrew
Absalom Hebrew
Absalon Hebrew
Absolem Hebrew
Absolom Hebrew
Absolon Hebrew
Acacius Greek
Ace Latin; Greek; Hebrew
Achille Greek
Achilles Greek
Achilleus Greek
Achmad Arabic
Achmat Arabic
Achmed Arabic
Achmet Arabic
Acke Hebrew

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