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The Name Nathanael - Origin and Meaning of Nathanael

The Name Nathanael - Origin and Meaning of Nathanael



Origin of the Name Nathanael


Usage of the Name Nathanael


Meaning of the Name Nathanael

The name Nathanael is a variant of Nathaniel, which is used in the Authorized Version of the New Testament. In the New Testament Nathanael was one of the Twelve Apostles; he appears only in the Book of John, but is traditionally identified with the apostle Bartholomew who appears in other gospels.

Interesting Facts about Nathanael

- Nathanael is the central character in the short story Der Sandmann (1816) by German author E.T.A. Hoffman and its many theatrical adaptations.
- Nathanael is also a main character in Les nourritures terrestres (1897), a French prose-poem by André Gide.

Famous Bearers

Bearers of the name include Nathanael Carpenter (c. 1588 - 1628), an English author and geographer; Nathanael Matthaeus von Wolf (1724 - 1784), a Polish-German physician and astronomer; Nathanael Greene (1742 - 1786), an American general; Nathanael Pringsheim (1823 - 1894), a German botanist; Nathanael West (1903 - 1940), an American author, screenwriter, and satirist.
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