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The Name Aaron - Origin and Meaning of Aaron

The Name Aaron - Origin and Meaning of Aaron



Origin of the Name Aaron

Egyptian or Hebrew

Usage of the Name Aaron

Jewish, English, Swedish, Biblical

Meaning of the Name Aaron

The name Aaron is derived from the Hebrew name Aharon. It is of obscure origin (most likely, of Egyptian rather than Hebrew origin) and meaning. According to different theories, the name Aaron could be derived from the Hebrew words meaning "mountain of strength", "high mountain" or "enlightened", but this seems to be a folk etymology. In the Old Testament Aaron was the brother of Moses. He had different roles according to different traditions, ranging from Moses' spokesman (but not a priest) to the founder of the Jewish priesthood. Along with Moses, he produced the Egyptian plagues and led the tribe of Levi out of Egypt and through the wilderness. Aaron was involved in the creation of the golden calf idol while Moses was receiving the Ten Commandments, but was later restored to God's favour. Aaron has always been in regular use as a Jewish name. As a Christian name it has been in use since the 16th century (after the Protestant Reformation).

Interesting Facts about Aaron

- Plants with tall flowering stems, such as mullein and goldenrod, are sometimes called Aaron's Rod, referring to the biblical story in which there was a dispute about which of the Israelite tribes could claim priesthood. The rod of Aaron was chosen to represent the tribe of Levi, and all the tribes' rods were left overnight. When Aaron's alone produced buds, flowers, and almonds, the tribe of Levi assumed priesthood.
- The term "house of Aaron" became a name for the family of Israelite priests.

Famous Bearers

Bearers of the name include Aaron Burr (1756 - 1836), an American politician and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States; Aaron Copland (1900 - 1990), an American composer; Aaron Spelling (1923 - 2006), an American film and television producer; Aaron Neville (born 1941), an American singer; Aaron Sorkin (born 1961), an American screenwriter and producer; Aaron Krickstein (born 1967), an American tennis player; Aaron Eckhart (born 1968), an American actor; Aaron Carter (born 1987), an American singer.

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