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The Name Abijah - Origin and Meaning of Abijah

The Name Abijah - Origin and Meaning of Abijah


Masculine and Feminine

Origin of the Name Abijah


Usage of the Name Abijah


Meaning of the Name Abijah

The name Abijah comes from the Hebrew name Aviyah meaning "my father is Yahweh". In the Old Testament the name Abijah was borne by several characters. King Abijah was the fourth king in the lineage of David after Solomon and Rehoboam, and the second King of the Kingdom of Judah after it split from Israel. He is famous for leading an unsuccessful campaign against King Jeroboam to reunite the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel. Queen Abijah was the wife of wicked King Ahaz, who assisted in the destruction of Israel as the twelfth king of Judah.

Famous Bearers

Bearers of the name include Abijah Adams (c. 1754 - 1816), an American male journalist; Abijah Bigelow (1775 - 1860), an American male politician; Abijah Gilbert (1806 - 1881), an American male senator.

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