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Names Meaning Beautiful or Beauty in Different Languages

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Names meaning beautiful or beauty

Displaying names meaning beautiful or beauty in different languages. For more details, such as name usages, related names, or famous bearers, please click on one of the names.

Name Gender Origin
Alan Masculine Breton
Aoibhe (1) Feminine Irish; Hebrew
Aoife (1) Feminine Irish; Hebrew
Astrid Feminine Old Norse
Belinda Feminine Unknown
Bella Feminine Latin and Italian
Belle Feminine Latin and French
Bonita Feminine Spanish
Elfleda Feminine Old English
Gytha (2) Feminine Old English; Old Norse
Hadar Unisex Hebrew
Hasan Masculine Arabic
Indira Feminine Sanskrit
Ingrid Feminine Old High German and...
Isabel Feminine Hebrew or Latin
Isolde Feminine Welsh
Keeva Feminine Irish
Naomi (2) Feminine Hebrew; Japanese
Rosabella Feminine Latin and Italian
Tegan Feminine Welsh
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