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The Name Regina - Origin and Meaning of Regina

The Name Regina - Origin and Meaning of Regina



Origin of the Name Regina


Usage of the Name Regina

English, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Late Roman

Meaning of the Name Regina

The name Regina is a Late Latin name meaning "queen". It was used as a given name by early Christians, including St. Regina, a 3rd-century Christian saint and martyr. In modern times it is normally used by Roman Catholics (taken from Regina Coeli, the title of the Virgin Mary meaning "Queen of Heaven" in Latin).

Interesting Facts about Regina

- Regina Hubbard Giddens is the main character in Lillian Helman's play The Little Foxes (1939), and Regina (1949) is an opera by Marc Blitzstein based on the play.
- Regina: Un Musical Para Una Nación Que Despierta (2003) is a musical from Mexican producer Antonio Calvo.
- Regina Schwalb is the lead soprano role in Paul Hindemith's opera Mathis der Maler.
- Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan province in Canada, was named for Queen Victoria when her daughter Princess Louise traveled through the area in 1882.
- There is a Swedish model of electric passenger train called the Regina.

Famous Bearers

Bearers of the name include Regina Resnik (born 1922), an American opera singer; Regina Taylor (born 1960), an American actress and playwright; Regina Belle (born 1963), an American singer; Regina King (born 1971), an American actress; Regina Spektor (born 1980), a Russian-American singer, songwriter, and pianist; Regina Kulikova (born 1989), a Russian tennis player.
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