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The Name Goretti - Origin and Meaning of Goretti

The Name Goretti - Origin and Meaning of Goretti



Origin of the Name Goretti


Usage of the Name Goretti


Meaning of the Name Goretti

The name Goretti is given by Roman Catholics in honour of Maria Goretti (1890 - 1902), an Italian saint who forgave her murderer before expiring in hospital.

Interesting Facts about Goretti

7801 Goretti is an asteroid discovered in 1996 and named for the amateur astronomer Vittorio Goretti.

Famous Bearers

Bearers of the name include Goretti Horgan (born c. 1955), an Irish activist and politician; Goretti Kyomuhendo (born 1965), a Ugandan novelist; Goretti Donaire Paton (born 1982), a Spanish footballer.
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