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The Name Brittany - Origin and Meaning of Brittany

The Name Brittany - Origin and Meaning of Brittany



Origin of the Name Brittany

Old English

Usage of the Name Brittany


Meaning of the Name Brittany

The name Brittany comes from the name of the region in France, which is a former independent Celtic country. It is called "Breizh" in Breton, "Bretagne" in French, "Bretaña" in Spanish and "Britany" in English. Historically it was named for the Britons who settled in this area after the Anglo-Saxon invasion of England.

Famous Bearers

Bearers of the name include Brittany Daniel (born 1976), an American actress; Brittany Murphy (born 1977), an American actress and singer; Brittany Snow (born 1986), an American actress.

Names Related to Brittany

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